Summertime Sadness


As we all know the ‘January blues’ are a full on state of depression in which you can’t get out of until you start booking things to look forward to for the rest of the year. For myself, this meant spending a lot of money throughout the whole month of January just so I didn’t have a mental breakdown. However, January is nearly over, which means we are one step closer to the summer period. Usually this means that holiday’s start getting booked, diets become a way of life and our wardrobes become a lot more colourful.

The best way to banish these ‘January blues’ for good is to start getting thing booked in to your diary ASAP. For most of us it is payday tomorrow so don’t wait, start saving now because it will be worth it when you are sunning yourself on the beach with a cocktail or having a laugh with your mates at a festival. I would definitely recommend either buying a calendar/dairy to write your events down in because they you can actually see what you’ve got booked in to make your 2017 great. Another way to do this is to download one of the ‘countdown’ apps on your phone and set it all up on that – most of them are free so you can save a few extra pennies towards your summer experiences.

It is a well known fact that ‘the best things in life are NOT free’ so get saving and then get spending. For myself 2017 is going to be a very expensive year, I have already purchased my ticket for Ladies day at Aintree racecourse and therefore on top of that I need to buy a new dress, heels and¬†fascinator so I look the part. I also plan to go on a little holiday once I have finished my final year exams in May and then of course my graduation is going to be something to celebrate.

So, basically even if you’re feeling a bit down it is important to remain optimistic and make a plan of the things you want to do/achieve this year. Once you have a plan set in place is it just a case of working hard, saving up your pennies and then booking it. Don’t make life so hard on yourself and make sure your 2017 is a year to remember.


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