“London Baby!” (and Christmas ideas)

At the weekend I went to visit my boyfriend in London. As most of you will know the new Missguided store has just opened in Stratford Westfield shopping centre and so I was eager to go and see it. As you can imagine it was extremely busy due to a combination of ‘Black Friday’ weekend and Christmas shoppers. The store is absolutely insane, it is much bigger than I expected it to be and there is a lot more product in there than what you can see online. Due to it being such a success within the first couple of days there wasn’t many items left in my size which I was disappointed about (my bank account was relieved). If you live in the area or nearby I would definitely recommend a visit, particularly if you are already a Missguided shopper.


Over the past few weeks I have wanted to get myself organised and ready for the Christmas/NY period. I only have two full weeks left of my first term at university which is quite a scary thought and so I feel like if I set a plan in motion, it will help me to keep motivated and meet all of my deadlines. I find that the best way to keep organised is to keep a diary so that I know what is happening and when. So, last week I order myself my 2017 ‘Scouse Bird Diary’ from http://www.scousebirdproblems.com/shop.aspx this is perfect because it helps me to remember my key dates as well as keeping me entertained and best of all it looks pretty when I get it out in the middle of my lectures. The Scouse Bird shop has so many great ideas from Christmas presents so I would definitely have a look on there if you want something unique.


Another website that I have recently found and fell in love with is http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/partners/themotivatedtype/products?view=many and there prints are funny, cute and a little bit quirky. This is a great potential present for anyone and you can buy them with or without the frame which I think is great. This particular print below is my absolute favourite because it literally describes my life at university. There are plenty of deals online at the moment, most of them end tonight so I would suggest buying your xmas presents sooner rather than later, you will feel better for it in the long run.



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