Winter in MCR


It is that time of year in Manchester again; the city centre is manic due to the return of the Christmas markets. If you haven’t yet been to the markets, it is definitely worth a visit this year as there seems to be more stalls than ever before. This is a great time of year to visit the city, whether you just want to walk around and look at the seasonal decorations or you want to find unique Christmas presents for your family/friends. You are guaranteed to have a great day out. If you aren’t one of the locals, you might find yourself getting lost between all of the wooden stalls and unsure where you are heading, don’t panic. All of the different markets link together in some way and it is lovely to see all of the different products that are on offer. They have also brought back the ice rink this year which is great for families, children and students who are just up for a laugh. Finally, if you do get the chance to visit this year, grab yourself either a glass of prosecco (possibly a German beer for the men) and/or a mulled/wine hot chocolate, you will receive this in one of the famous Manchester markets mugs or glasses. You will have to put a deposit down on your mug/glass so it is up to you whether you give it back or take it home as a cute souvenir.


Places to go:

Whether you are a local or not, there are a number of bars/restaurants that you need to visit in Manchester. Two that I have only recently visited are Albert Schloss and Tattu, I would highly recommend both. They both have great atmospheres and the drinks are amazing, especially the cocktails that they have on offer. I know the run up to Christmas is expensive, so we don’t always have the money to spend on going out for meals/drinks. So, a good time to potentially visit these restaurants would be in January as they usually have lots of offers on then which won’t hurt your bank balance too much.




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