Pretty in Print

The print on clothing is constantly becoming bigger, brighter and better. This summer, big prints have been a must have. They allow us to add some colour to our wardrobe and really show off our unique styles through colour and different patterns. As a pre-payday treat I bought this beautiful bodysuit from Zara. I love the colours and it will be perfect to pair with a white skirt/pants for a night out. We all know that Zara accessories are always on points, and so I couldn’t resist the below sets of chokers. I can’t wait to wear them with many different outfits.



I bought the below shirt just before I went on my holiday to Amsterdam at the beginning of August. It is from Boohoo and I absolutely love the print and it has been the perfect summer buy. I have noticed that recently other retails, such as Missguided have also got products with this print on too, so if you want it but potentially in a different style, try them.14192631_10206781450717233_319476212019326920_n


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